VHF 210i AIS bátatalstöð

VHF 210i AIS bátatalstöð


Stay in Contact on the Water

  • Displays Automatic Identification System (AIS) on the chartplotter
  • Standard Class D Digital Selective Calling (DSC) functionality (distress calling and direct calling with user programmed MMSI)
  • In case of trouble, DSC may improve your chances of a rapid rescue
  • 25 W of transmit power
  • Preprogrammed with international marine channels
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Communication and situational awareness are critical on the water. This fixed-mount VHF 210i AIS radio displays AIS on the chartplotter to enhance communication, situational awareness and collision avoidance between you and other mariners.

Increase Your Peace of Mind

During an emergency situation, the VHF 210i AIS radio’s 25 W of transmit power gives fishermen, sailors and cruisers confidence at their fingertips.

Communicate Confidently on the Water

Easy to install and use, just plug and play via the NMEA 2000® network to compatible Garmin chartplotters and MFDs. Provides standard Class D DSC functionality (distress calling and direct calling with user programmed MMSI). VHF 210i AIS is preprogrammed with international marine channels, include two-way hailer system for onboard communication and is NMEA 0183 compatible. Channel programming can be changed by a dealer. Also NMEA 0183 compatible and includes Two-Way Hailer system for onboard communication.

Communicate with Style

Because your helm is a source of pride, we’ve designed the VHF 210i AIS marine radio to complement GPSMAP®722/922, GPSMAP 1022/1222, GPSMAP 7400 and GPSMAP 8400 chartplotters and MFDs.

NMEA 2000 Compatible

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